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Every Dollar Has An Immediate Impact

Meet Very Real Needs

You can be assured every dollar you give is helping someone with a real need. Requests only come from our trusted medical and social service partners, when no other options are available.


Make an Immediate Impact

Your donation has immediate impact! Funding requests are reviewed and filled each month, but we often respond to urgent requests within 24 hours!

Get Maximum Value

Every dollar donated pays for a critical healthcare request. We have minimal administrative overhead. We negotiate discounts for services we are funding.

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Membership Sustains The Cecilia Fund

Annual membership is open to anyone wishing to support our mission – to provide critical healthcare funding for our community’s most vulnerable members.

Our membership dues have been our primary source of support for over 125 years. Each year, at our Annual Meeting & Tea, members hear how their support makes a difference for those who desperately need our help.

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We always receive more requests than we can meet! In recent years, we have received over 100 requests, totaling almost $300,000 annually.
Please help further our mission by Donating whatever you can. Thanks you so much!

We can also accept payment my check.
Please make your check payable to: The Cecilia Fund

Please mail your check to:
The Cecilia Fund
PO Box 50136
Santa Barbara, CA 93150

The Cecilia Fund is a 501c3 organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. EID# 95-6047722

$100 covers the cost of a full dental evaluation at Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics

$250 covers the cost of an eye exam and new eye glasses.

$500 covers the cost of Oral Surgery to remove a tumor.

$750 covers discounted costs for CT scans of the neck and head to determine if breast cancer has spread.

$1000 covers the cost, over and above what MediCal pays, for a new crown and front teeth.

$1500 covers the cost of a hearing aid that will restore 80% hearing for a gentleman with hearing in only one ear.

$2000 covers the annual co-payment for chemotherapy for a woman who is paying $100 a month toward the expense.

$2500 covers dental care costs for a 10 year old girl with severe dental disease needing a stainless steel crown, 6 fillings and a fixed spacer.